Nancy Cook 

With Isaiah 61:1 as her life verse, Nancy Cook delights in partnering with Jesus Christ to bind up the brokenhearted and proclaim freedom to those who have been held captive.  Having experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit after a series of life tragedies, Nancy rededicated her life to serving God through the inner healing and deliverance ministry.  Formerly a college English professor for nearly twenty years, Nancy subsequently served as a regional coordinator of the California Community Colleges Success Network.  She brings an array of interpersonal management skills to complement her spiritual gifts of healing, discernment, and teaching.

Trained in many different aspects of inner healing and deliverance, including Dr. Francis and Judith McNutt’s School of Healing Prayer, Bethel Sozo, Beth Shalom, The Four Streams, and Spiritual Warfare, Nancy’s passion is to bring the presence of Jesus into every prayer encounter.  Having taught every level of Sunday School, served as a Director of Christian Education, and been a founding member of Christ Restoration Ministries, Nancy’s greatest delight is to see Jesus break every chain and bring light, healing, wholeness, and freedom to all those desiring a closer, more intimate relationship with God.