Now I Know that God is with Me!

Through prayers by the Christ Restoration Ministries prayer team, I felt great release from past hurts, mistakes, and sin. I came to the session thinking it would  be more prophetic, but instead it became more of a life story about the choices and regrets of my past.  When we prayed for forgiveness and healing, the […]

The Peace Endured and Has Endured!

Have you ever been stuck?  I mean emotionally or spiritually stuck.  Something’s got a hold of you?  You know it’s not right.  You cope.  You get a little wiggle room, but you don’t get free. After my prayer session I was asked, “What are you feeling?”  My reply was peace.  My warfare was ended.  I […]

I have Clarity…I have Love…I have Confidence…

Hi there and Shabbat Shalom! I am a Jewish Christian. I pray and read my Bible every day. Over the years, I have introduced many to Our Savior….have led worship around the United States….prayed for and encouraged the body of Messiah Jesus Christ–Yeshua Ha Mashiac…….am a certified Christian Counselor……This all sounds great,  but The Spirit […]

God is GOOD!!!

I found out about inner healing at Christ Restoration Centers from a friend. My experience during my healing session was rewarding. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all with those who prayed with me and for me. I felt accepted and loved. And those who were there with me were very gentle and kind. The Lord […]

Jesus Set Me Free!

My experience in the prayer appointment was so God.  It was what I needed.  It’s amazing how much God loves me.  The Love letter from Him is what I craved.  Each day is like reading it for the first time.  He has been sharing his plans for the next day with me.  I cry at […]

I Feel Free!

I had a CRC session and then followed up with another session with a friend named Jan, who is also a CRC prayer team member.  We prayed more through an issue that came up in my first session.  This time the Lord took me even deeper, and I realized the origin of the problem occurred […]

The Constant Pain…Has Nearly Vanished

At the time we met for my prayer session, there were no stunning revelations or major breakthroughs, just a sense of safety, peace, and joy.  God faithfully touched broken places which were constantly hindering me from being who He created me to be.  This message of life splashed onto others as I shared the experience. […]

I Found Myself Closer to the Lord

I was unsure of what to expect.  Most prayer meetings I have been to have been either 1) long, drawn out, and showy or 2) mainly an excuse to gossip about people and “church-it –up” to make it sound holy. I was in for a pleasant surprise. My wife had a prayer session first, and […]

Wow!!! — Still Reeling

Wow – What a fireball of the Holy Spirit’s love for the lost Jon Beadle is – our evangelist, prophet, healer, teacher at CRC training this past Saturday.  The Holy Spirit in Jon blew the socks right off our feet – I am still reeling – Wow! KINGDOM purpose – KINGDOM living – REACHING out […]

Paradigm Shift after CRC Training

As a professional counselor, I have had a major paradigm shift in my counseling after CRC training classes. In using the tools from the training, I have seen dramatic spiritual encounters with God take place in my clients’ lives. They have been given a hope for the future, a change in their relationship with God, […]