The Peace Endured and Has Endured!

Have you ever been stuck?  I mean emotionally or spiritually stuck.  Something’s got a hold of you?  You know it’s not right.  You cope.  You get a little wiggle room, but you don’t get free.

After my prayer session I was asked, “What are you feeling?”  My reply was peace.  My warfare was ended.  I had entered His Rest.  A bond between the enemy and my flesh was broken.

My peace feeling endured for 24 hours through the next day.  Then my button was pushed.  You know that “button” between the enemy and my flesh.

In my world the enemy is big pickup trucks, and my flesh is my small Toyota.  I reacted, but not the same as before.  Not a 180 degree different reaction, more like a 90 degree, but different and not as extreme.  And then it was over.

No hour-long machinations of revenge.  The healing prayer of the CRC team had worked.  I was free.

My warfare had ended.  The peace endured and has endured.

Thank you Jesus!  Thank you CRC team!

Steve Jepperson, Conroe, TX,  10/05/2015



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