I Found Myself Closer to the Lord

I was unsure of what to expect.  Most prayer meetings I have been to have been either 1) long, drawn out, and showy or 2) mainly an excuse to gossip about people and “church-it –up” to make it sound holy. I was in for a pleasant surprise.

My wife had a prayer session first, and she came home glowing from her session.  I asked her, “How was the prayer meeting?”  She had few words able to clearly describe what had happened.  She told me that I was going to love it, and she didn’t really want to say much. She did, however, leave me with a sort of cliffhanger.  My wife said, “They said a name to me that shocked me!  Also, they said God has some amazing things to say about you!”  I was confused, and of course, my wife wouldn’t tell me the name that had been spoken at the prayer session, so off I went to my time of prayer with the CRC prayer team.

I walked in and was greeted almost instantly with, “We were just praying for you!”

I filled out a form and proceeded inside a small room in the back of the church.  All that was going to happen during our prayer time was explained to me:  we would pray, seek God’s wisdom and clarity, and then renounce all sins and generational sins.  I also learned that Nancy takes time before the sessions, alone, to seek God on others’ behalf.  She also sits down and pens out what God tells her about the person she will be meeting with.  I was completely knocked off my feet when she read me what God had to say.

I had been talking with my mentor about my name “Flex,” which is a nickname that I believe God gave me.  Without ever meeting me or knowing my history, she had received from God that my name “Flex” was a God-given name!  It was impressive to say the least!  She then told me the “name” that my wife Tiffany had told me about earlier.  It was the name of someone I had been praying and seeking wisdom on – someone for whom I was holding much anger and frustration in my heart.  (My eyes at this point were huge, as you can imagine!)

The man on the CRC team, William, also rocked my core (soul ).  He called out many things that were going on in my life without me ever saying anything to him!

My experience was one that I will never forget.  A time of encouragement and faith led prayer – These people are amazing!  I found myself closer to the Lord and strengthened further in the promises that I already knew – I think after the session I was able to hold on to them better because I had a deeper understanding of who God says I am.

Thank you CRC for all you do, and I love you and your ministry with a fiery passion!

Flex and Tiffany Wheeler, Conroe, TX

May 12, 2015


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