Wow!!! — Still Reeling

Donna RobertsWow – What a fireball of the Holy Spirit’s love for the lost Jon Beadle is – our evangelist, prophet, healer, teacher at CRC training this past Saturday.  The Holy Spirit in Jon blew the socks right off our feet – I am still reeling – Wow!

KINGDOM purpose – KINGDOM living – REACHING out to the LOST – STRIKING UP a conversation with a stranger – ASKING about a dream, desire of a person’s heart – CONNECTING – where someone needs Jesus is where He’ll appear to them – He is – what they need – don’t have an agenda – don’t argue  – LISTENING – to the Holy Spirit – to them – CONNECTING them to the KING – to the KINGDOM – I will never, ever look at evangelism the same again – I am forever changed – totally and forever changed.  GLORY to God!!

The LOVE of God I encounter in the CRC members always leaves me feeling bathed in the GOODNESS of God – always – Nancy & Greg are AMAZING leaders who lead with WISDOM and JOYFUL LOVE – great LEADERS – such a blessing from GOD!!!

I PRAISE GOD for leading me into CRC Ministries – these are truly KINGDOM tools that we are learning – we are being equipped – as we open our mouths wide – He is filling them with GOOD, GOOD things – we are TRULY being BLESSED to be a BLESSING – All GLORY, HONOR & PRAISE to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit –  Forever & Ever, AMEN!

Donna Roberts – Spring


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